Making Moving EZ


The story behind the creation of EZ Hauler starts about a decade ago.

The story behind the creation of EZ Hauler started about a decade ago. Two long time friends Terry James White and Marc Seidman were helping a friend move into a new house.

The house was your typical two story home with all of the bedrooms being on the second floor. The final item was the mattress; the battle of moving it from the master bedroom, down the stairs, to the moving van weighed heavily on them. Despite having three well built men, it quickly became the most difficult item to move in the house as they attempted to muscle it down the hallway of stairs. As is often the case the handles that were sewn onto the side of the mattress were previously broken when it was initially carried into the house. Laughing at their struggles, Terry and Marc joked with their neighbor that he should leave the mattress for the new owners.

As the battle between man and mattress continued, Marc grabbed a nearby blanket and slid it under the mattress as they negotiated the turn on the staircase landing. They quickly realized that the blanket was acting as a sling, which not only gave them something to hold onto but also helped to stabilize the mattress as they moved the item out of the house and finally to the van. It became immediately clear to both men that they were onto something great. Something that would significantly decrease the everyday struggle of moving mattresses for the masses.

The blanket worked very well, when compared to not having anything to hold onto, but there was much room for improvement. The business minded men soon started a conversation regarding how they could create a “sling-like” product that would work far better than a simple blanket.

With the idea fresh in his head Terry headed for the fabric store and returned home with an abundance of materials. Then he raided his wife’s sewing cupboard to commandeer her sewing machine. After many hours, and many broken needles, Terry was proud to show off his seamstress skills as he presented the first Mattress Hauler. Which, he later renamed to the “EZ-Hauler”. Not yet satisfied, Terry proceeded to ransack the perfectly made guest room bed in order to test his new invention. As they had hoped the product worked amazingly well. So well, in fact, that they soon found themselves actually feeling eager to help friends and family tackle their mattress moving challenges.

As with most products perfection required additional effort; after heavy usage a weak spot surfaces that resulted in handle tearing.  Determined not to be beat by a mattress, Terry went back in his garage (breaking more sewing needles and ransacking yet more bedrooms), to update the design with heavy-duty materials that addressed the issue. The third try was the charm (as goes the saying); the result is the new and improved EZ-Hauler! Flash forward to the present and now several years later the EZ-Hauler has been used by numerous friends and customers, some actually in the moving industry, without any problems.

The EZ-Hauler is designed to fit all mattress sizes and types. Its the solution to all your mattress moving needs!

Today the EZ-Hauler business is growing. We enjoy hearing feedback as to how our product makes moving mattresses easier. With the EZ-Hauler you too can move bulky mattresses easier, with less risk of damage to the mattresses and hallways, and with reduced chance of back injury. Truly a win-win situation.

Moving is hard enough already. Don’t make it harder than it has to be, and don’t risk an injury or damage to your walls when you have more important things to do.

The solution is EZ–the EZ Hauler that is. Get one today and start making your moves easier!

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