Making Moving EZ



“We Have a organic mattress designed by our owner that is very heavy and awkward to move. I contacted EZ Hauler about their mattress mover and ordered one. When we received the mattress mover in two days, we tried it out on that bed and it worked like a charm. Before we purchased the mattress mover it took four men to move this mattress. We were so impressed with the EZ Hauler I order two more so we would have one on each of our truck’s. Thanks so much from Stucky Brother’s” – Stucky Brothers, Fort Wayne, IN.

“We’ve had to move twice in the past year, my husband and my two kids, and the first time was such a hassle for my husband to move our temper-pedic mattress down the stairs. His back hurt for a few days after and when the next time we had to move came I didn’t want him to completely throw out his back. So I went online and saw that the EZ Hauler was an inexpensive way to move mattresses and it could be reused again versus paying a guy that same amount for one day to move a mattress. On the day of the move my husband was thrilled to have the EZ Hauler to use. He was able to move our large King temper-pedic mattress along with the kids 2 queen beds. I’ve told anyone that I know that is moving that if they want a stress free day of moving a mattress that they must buy the EZ Hauler. Its so easy.” – Mary, Castaic, CA